WoundRounds Webinar Series: Dressing(s) for Success: Wound Care Dressing Selection

Webinar Details

When:  Thursday, April 18, 2013; 1pm EDT/ 12 Noon CDT/ 10am PDT

Where: Registration below

Who: Nurses, Nursing Management, and Administrators

About the Speakers:

Kathlyn M. O’Toole MS, MPH, RN, WOCN 

Kathlyn M. O’Toole MS, MPH, RN, WOCN is a clinical consultant for WoundRounds. She is a wound ostomy and continence nurse  (WOCN), published both academia and healthcare, and consults to organizations on improving quality of care and clinical outcomes in wound care.

Debra Kurtz BA, BS, MBA

Debra Kurtz is the moderator of the event and industry expert.  She is the president of Kurtz Consulting Inc. which provides healthcare organizations with sales and marketing solutions.

With the myriad of dressings available, dressing selection can be a challenging and complex process.  Learn how your facility can make better decisions.  Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse, Kathy O’Toole, presents appropriate dressing selection based on wound characteristics and wound management goals.


  • Discussion of wound characteristics that influence dressing selection.
  • Explanation of the mechanism of action for each wound dressing category– what each dressing does as it relates to what the wound needs.
  • How to select the appropriate dressing based on wound characteristics and wound management goals
  • Examples, including discuss primary and secondary dressings too.

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