What are Customers Saying About WoundRounds?

Before implementing WoundRounds® we were depending upon our enterprise systems to automate our wound management processes. But we’ve learned that neither of our enterprise systems featured the richness of WoundRounds—such as the integration of photos, the ability to compare a wound over time, or the PDA which gives nurses more freedom over a laptop at bedside. You can upload anything into an EMR, but WoundRounds® has showed us the value in integrating wound management.

Director of Clinical IT Symphony Post-Acute Network

The time that WoundRounds® will save, could allow more attention to patient and family education. The system moves the nurse from the nurse station to the bedside, improving quality, safety, and satisfaction of both nurses and patients.

Director of Quality & Patient Safety

With WoundRounds, we are catching wounds earlier in the patient’s stay.


…for our annual State Survey, there were NO questions asked regarding issues with wounds or care plans, and NO tags [fines] issued


What used to take me hours, days and weekends, now takes me minutes. When you use WoundRounds you are on-target, on top of things.

RN, Asst. Director of Nursing

I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate these reports…it saves me an immense amount of time

Director of Clinical Services

This program is a godsend! We would be totally sunk without WoundRounds® with the number of wounds we have.

Wound Care RN

I implemented WoundRounds because I found that my ‘most expensive’ nurses were spending too much time on trivial, administrative tasks.


The depth and richness of data about wound management and risk prevention that WoundRounds offers augments long-term care EMRs extremely well for providers with a wound management focus.

Healthcare Analytics Consultant RN, RAC-CT, CHC

The reports help focus our attention on problem areas and provide better wound care. We can see trends in PUSH or Braden scores, and know where to focus our treatment plans such as on mobility or moisture issues. The physicians love the reporting too, because they can keep track of wounds, see trends from week-to-week, and pull up WoundRounds reports remotely using the online database.

BSN, RN, CWOCN Wound, Ostomy, Continence Nurse

Although we had only used WoundRounds for a few months, the system contributed to a successful, violation-free inspection by State surveyors. Everything they were looking for was right there—the history of the wound, as well as comprehensive information on wound improvement or regression; even a listing of the current Braden score on the wound documentation.

RN Director of Nursing

The single-most thing that I love about WoundRounds is its convenience. I leave work feeling like I didn’t forget anything because of all of the features that it has as far as the Braden and the PUSH…I know that it is done; I know that I didn’t forget to do it…I know I did it at the bedside.

Wound Care Nurse

From a risk management perspective, the electronic stamp on the photograph and identification is very beneficial. It answers the question about whether a wound was present upon admission. We now have photographic evidence that supports objective documentation.

MS, RN, WSS, RAC-CT Corporate Director of Clinical Support

This technology empowers our nurses to feel more confident with understanding risk levels. It’s now comfortable for them to make treatment decisions.

RN Director of Nurses