Wound Care Reporting & Documentation

Better wound care documentation means better care and lower risk.

WoundRounds works with clients to develop a wide variety of reports that give nurses and administrators the tools they need to proactively monitor and manage patients at risk for pressure ulcers.

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Clinician Reports

Clinician reports help your wound nurse plan his/her work for the day by identifying what needs to be done in the realm of wound assessment and wound prevention. The wound report alerts the clinician to any newly-admitted patients or any existing patients with a wound which requires reassessment.

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PUSH Reports — Sophisticated Tracking Illuminates Wound Healing Trends

WoundRounds uses the PUSH Tool developed by the National Pressure Advisory Panel (NPUAP) to enable nurses to automatically calculate and monitor the rate of healing for each wound. With this tracking tool, clinicians are able to quickly spot declines in outcomes and intervene proactively.

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QA Report — Compile Vital Information Fast

WoundRounds allows nurse administrators to easily compile information for comprehensive Quality Assurance reports.

With the information they need literally at their fingertips, administrators improve accuracy, enhance efficiency and avoid needless duplication of effort.

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